Company History

Lawrenceville Brick, Inc., was incorporated in Brunswick County, Virginia, in 1946, as Brick and Tile Corporation of Lawrenceville. The principal founders were John Bayley Rawlings, William S. Peebles, Jr., and C. Wesley Peebles. Soon after incorporation, these three local businessmen invited a small number of other investors in the Lawrenceville area to join them in the new venture.

The original brick plant, constructed on the site of the former Lawrenceville Brick and Tile Company, was completed and placed in operation in 1947 and had an annual production capacity of ten million brick. The new plant featured the first tunnel kiln in the state of Virginia, and the Company soon earned a solid reputation for quality brick and dependable service among builders, architects, and distributors throughout the industry.

In response to increasing demand, a new brick manufacturing facility was built and put into operation in 1966, replacing the 1947 plant and increasing Brick and Tile Corporation’s capacity to twenty-five million brick annually. Since the original plant was then razed, this new facility became know as Plant #1. Eight years later, in 1974, Plant #2 was constructed on the original property, increasing overall capacity to fifty-five million brick per year.

By the mid-eighties, demand for Lawrenceville Brick was again much greater than capacity. Plans were made to build a more automated brick plant on a new site at Edgerton on U.S. Route 58, three miles east of Lawrenceville. This plant, completed in 1991, replaced the more labor-intensive Plant #2 and brought the Company’s total annual production capacity to eighty-five million brick, accounting for about 1% of annual brick shipments in the United States. The greater production capacity enabled Brick and Tile Corporation to greatly expand its market area to distributors in twenty-eight states in the United States and the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

The late 1990’s witnessed brick demand that was again greater than the capacity of the industry, and the Company began exploring plans for an expansion of its Edgerton facilities, using the latest available technology for fuel efficiency and automated brick handling. Three years of planning and study resulted in the decision to construct plant utilizing a top-fired kiln with a capacity of sixty million brick per year. Production in this plant began in October of 2003. All movement of brick from the forming process to the final packaging is completely automated. Four industrial robots enable the precise setting of the brick onto the kiln cars and, after the firing process, into the packaging machinery. The new plant, known as Plant #4, is one of the most modern, state-of-the-art brick manufacturing facilities in the United States.

The ownership structure of Lawrenceville Brick, Inc., makes it unique among current brick manufacturers in the United States. Whereas the majority of American brick manufacturing plants are owned by international conglomerates, Lawrenceville Brick is owned by approximately 200 shareholders. Most of these are Virginia residents who can trace their ownership back to the original investors. Many other owners are associates of the Company who have expressed their confidence by purchasing stock.

With extensive quality raw material resources secured, two modern manufacturing plants, and a seasoned and dedicated workforce, the Company stands ready to provide the construction marketplace with a continuing supply of the face brick and paving brick known as Virginia’s Finest, Lawrenceville Brick.